The Goal of Life is Living in Agreement with Nature
Greek Philosopher Zeno

I hand turn unseasoned Pacific Madrone on a wood lathe. Green Madrone, a wood that is unpredictable, is my favorite turning wood. As the wood dries – after it has been turned – warping occurs, allowing the wood to take back its own shape after I had turned it into something momentarily round. The drying process is delicate; referring to a sense of mystery, balance, the fragility of life and a sense of movement.

I make objects with materials that I respectfully harvested, utilizing the trunk of the tree, branches and roots as well as seaweed. I make use of trees that have been felled because of storms, disease or construction. People leave salvaged, local woods in my driveway and share stories about their tree.

I attempt to create objects that are pleasant to be with, invite to be touched, held and inquired. The process of my work is self-discovery. The pieces are felt and become known to me – only to be discovered anew through the beholder’s imagination that decides and investigates the function of the piece.

I use dyes and patterns to invite a closer look. The vessel, when given a new appearance, allows a quiet conversation to take place. Who am I really? How does my appearance, my attitude effect my inner being? Does it enhance the self or cover it up? Through these processes I strive to show the pureness of the wood – the essence of being.


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