2009 American Woodturner Fall 2009 Vol 24, No.3
The Mysterious Process of Creativity

2009 American Association of Woodturners Catalogue
Spirit of the Southwest

2009 Oregon Home
A Process of Change by Margaret Foley

2008 Master Gardener Spring 2008 Vol.2, No.2
Art Created From our Most Graceful Tree by Mary Robson

2007 American Association of Woodturners Catalogue
Turning Green

2007 Tennessee Arts Commission
The Individual Artist Fellowship

2004 Lark Books
500 Wood Bowls

1998 Tacoma Art Museum
Washington Crafts Then & Now

1996 Drechseln Nummer 4 Winter’96
Aufbruch in Österreich by Martin Nolte

1996 Drechseln Nummer 2 Sommer ’96
Understanding the Tree

1994 Woodwork August 1994 Number 28
Helga Winter-Turning Life Outside to Meet the Life Inside by Jim Tolpin
1992 Drechseln 2/92
Schalen mit starkem Eigenleben
1992 Fine Woodworking Design Book VI Taunton Press

1991 American Woodturner June 1991 Vol.6, No.2
Whimsical Madrone Goblets

1990 Bellevue Art Museum
Northwest Designer Craftsmen

1989 The Dairy Barn Southeastern Ohio Cultural Arts Center, Athens, Ohio
American Contemporary Works in Wood


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